1. About Us

The Blue Willow Pantry began as a small catering business in October 1996, and continues today.  We specialize in cooking and baking “from scratch” and are best known for sourdough bread, cinnamon rolls, and German coffee cake.  We also make our own pasta, and have started making cheese.  During the last 14 years, we have hosted cooking schools and cooking theaters in addition to catering and working full-time.

We hope this blog opens the doors for others to learn and share cooking and baking experiences from various cuisines and recipes around the world.  We are located in “the Heartland” of the mid-west, approximately 120 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri.

New recipes and photos are added when inspired to do so! I’ve made a new year’s resolution to spend more time adding new recipes, photos, and baking tips to this site! We are very grateful to eveyone we’ve been catering and baking for, and especially thankful for the friends we’ve made through the seven cooking schools hosted in the past two years. We have found that “word of mouth” continues to be our best advertising resource.  In fact, we have spent few dollars on advertising since our business started.  However,  April 20th, 2008 is a memorable day for The Blue Willow Pantry.  Someone called and told me they found us on a “Google” search.  WordPress is awesome!

We were inspired to create this blog after finding a “wild yeast” blog by Susan in January 2008.

To contact Cheryl and Glenda, please send your message to:



3 Responses

  1. Cheryl & Glenda: Loved the bread class today! I will definitely be trying the breads in the coming weeks.

    Cheryl, could you give me the ISBN # out of your King Arthur’s 200th Anniv. cookbook? If I had that I could probably find the book somewhere on-line cheaper than the $25 at the King Arthur site….just wanting a bargain!!

    Thanks again for sharing you knowledge – and your Saturday – with us.

    Jean Dudley

  2. I’m often looking for brand-new blogposts in the net about this theme. Thankz!

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